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48 Hours in Boston!

Happy Sunday, friends! Is this not the cutest wall?! We stumbled upon it while in BOSTON this weekend, and I couldn't not take a picture. Y'all know those tourists who take pictures of everything and every building they pass? That was me this weekend, and I felt no shame.
Kelly Tinsley is my oldest and dearest friend, and we decided TWO weeks ago to book a spontaneous trip to her favorite city! Her brother, sister-in-law and cousin live up there, so we were so excited to stay with them and spend a couple days in the city.
Here's a ~very long~ recap of our 48 hours, so grab a snack, here we go!

FRIDAY Our flights landed at 1:30am Friday morning, so we were superrrrr sleepy, but SO excited to finally be there together! Kelly's brother, Robbie, and his wife Katherine, live about 15 min outside of town, so they graciously opened up their home for us to stay for a couple days! I'm so grateful we got to stay with them. By the time we got there, Kelly and I were both so gi…

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