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It's My One Year Blog Anniversary

WOW, guys. A year ago, today, I hit publish and LB in the City came to life! What a crazy journey it's been so far.  I started this blog in the hopes of using it as a creative outlet, and here I am 365 days later, and it's provided me with that and so much more!
LB in the City has given me the coolest opportunities so far. I've learned SO much about this industry and am continuing to learn every day! It's the coolest feeling to accomplish something you set out to do, and though this blog has had its up an downs, it's been nothing but a blessing. I am so excited to see where this goes!
Can you believe some of those pictures were taken a year ago? I CAN'T. It feels like just last week I was recruiting my roommate to take pictures of me on the street by our house, squealing when I got my first brand collaboration, or freaking out that I couldn't come up with a second blog post for the week...yeah we all know how that goes now LOL
The beginning stages of my bl…

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