My Latest Health + Beauty Additions

Happy Saturday, friends! It's the most beautiful day here in Nashville. Today is a great day because I get to share a new product with you guys!

I recently discovered HUM Nutrition, an all-natural line of supplements, and I'm here to tell you all about it! I have been taking the Beauty zzZz and Uber Energy supplements every day to help boost my inner-health and wellness. They're all natural, made in the USA, and sustainably sourced!

The Uber Energy supplements pair great with my morning coffee, giving me a boost of energy that lasts the entire day.  I also like to take the Beauty zzZz supplement about half an hour before going to bed, which helps to calm down my body before sleep. 

HUM has a mission of re-defining one's beauty/health routine, and turning it into something fun and chic.  Each customer gets their own product recommendations from a personalized Registered Dietician (RD).  They'll take what you're looking for in a supplement, and send you a completely personalized list of what HUM product will best fit your needs! You can start your very own, 3-minute, HUM questionnaire right here.

HUM also offers super affordable monthly subscriptions! Head over to their website to find out which products you might be interested in, talk to a nutritionist, and begin your journey to inner-health and beauty! You can use my code *NEWSETTE* to get 20% off your first online order!

Happy Humming!


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