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Tuesday Brain Dump

Happy Tuesday, y'all! It's been a while since I popped on here and said 'hello'.  I get in these funks where I have zero desire to write, and then I wake up one morning and have 20 blog post ideas that I want to publish right away! Welcome to my brain dump, friends.
I love reading Amber Fillerup's12 Things posts, where she pretty much shares 12 relevant things going on in her life. It's such a simple concept, but I loooove reading them! It makes me feel like we're friends (hahaha) This post was inspired by her, along with a handful of other newsletters I get in my email each week. That being said, here are some random and exciting things going on in my life at the moment:
1. We're going to my best friend, Samantha's, bachelorette party this weekend! We're having a spa night with all the ice cream and face masks and girl talk. I cannot wait to spoil her and talk all night about her wedding day! It's going to be the perfect lil weekend getawa…

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