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Graphic Tee - From Day to Night!

Happy Monday, friends! Can't believe how long it's been since my last blog post. Don't worry - home girl is still alive and well, and living her best life tbh. Praise Jesus for a fulfilling job and awesome friends that keep life fun!
Today, I'm here to show you how I took the same graphic tee (thank u, Target) from day to night with just a few simple swaps. I've worn this daytime look to work more than once, and have gotten the best compliments every time. My boss thinks it's hilarious that I wear a Rolling Stones shirt and can't name any of their songs. I know...I know. 
First things first: let's talk about this BLAZER!

I have to force myself not to throw this on with every outfit I wear. It's a super stretchy material that makes it comfy AND cute. HELLO, YES. We love that. It's super versatile, whether you wear it normally or drape it over your shoulders like the chic queen you are.  I plan on wearing this with way more than just a graphic te…

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