How I Like To Curl My Hair

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's been a crazy day here in Nashville, but I am about to go get some dinner with my best girlfriends, and I'm so excited!

I wanted to give you guys a quick tutorial on how I like to curl my hair.  For those of you ladiez with shorter hair like me,  I love giving some tips on how I get loose, bouncy curls (that last for 2 days!).

First, I like to spritz my roots with some heat protectant and dry shampoo. I have pretty fine hair, so this gives it some volume and texture, which makes the curls last longer!

Next, I like to separate my hair in halves, pinning the top half up.  Then I take about 1-2inch sections and curl them with my curling wand.  I always make sure to curl the strands away from my face! This makes the front pieces around my head frame my face really nicely.

Once I finish the bottom half, I like to run my fingers through the curls! This gives them a bouncier, more natural look.

After I flip through those, I go ahead and let the top half down and begin curling it the same way I did the bottom = grabbing one inch sections and curling away from my face.  

Once this is done, I go ahead and run my fingers through one more time and spray with my favorite Aussie hairspray! I use the flexible hold so my hair looks soft and bouncy all day.

Voila!  I'll link my products down below for you in case you want to try them yourself!
  Wishing all of you a wonderful week!  See you Wednesday.


  1. It was a wonderful experience for me to try a dual voltage curling iron for the first time, so I added it in my hairstyling kit immediately.


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