Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

As the Holiday season approaches and Christmas shopping begins, I'm so excited to tell y'all that I've partnered with JORD Watches to give you guys a special discount! Click this link to get 25% off your purchase and a watch that will be the perfect addition to your collection!

In this look, I'm wearing the JORD Frankie Wooden Wristwatch.  It's petite and perfect for a smaller wrist! I love the thinner band and the lighter stain.  This watch literally goes with any outfit.  If that's not great enough, JORD will even engrave your watch for you! I think it would be the sweetest gift to have an engraved note on the watch you're giving to that special someone. It makes it that much sweeter! Click here for the rest of the women's watches, and keep scrolling to see the rest of my Holiday Gift Guide, part 2!

JORD has great watches for men as well! I love the darker stain for a guy's look. Check out their men's pieces here and buy something nice for that special someone this Christmas!  You will seriously not regret it. JORD is all about making time count and their story is so inspiring.  Check out their website here and read all about them.

Like I said, if you click the link above and fill out the information, you'll get a 25% discount code sent right to your email! This is something you guys will not want to pass up.  Leave a comment below and let me know which one you pick! I can't wait to see which piece you choose!

Happy Shopping!


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