My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Nashville


Happy Sunday, friends! I just got home from a Christmas party at Topgolf- sooo fun! If you haven't been yet, you have to go soon!

I decided to put together a little list for you guys of my top 10 favorite restaurants here in Nashville. These are places I go to pretty frequently (some I visit every week, no shame).  As a college student on a major budget, these were places I grew to love, not only for the amazing food, but for the prices, too!

Keep reading to see my favorite places to eat- the places I recommend to anyone and everyone who comes to visit! 

 #1 The Pharmacy
My absolute favorite food in the world is cheeseburgers, so this place is totally #1 on my list! The Pharmacy is located on the perfect corner in Nashville with it's string lights and outdoor seating.  There are old fashioned sodas and the BEST made-from-scratch burgers.  My favorite is the Mission City Burger-it comes with black beans and homemade guac on it! So yum.

#2 Taqueria Del Sol
Remember how I mentioned I go to some of these restaurants weekly? Yeah, this place is a pretty regular spot for me and my girlfriends! We always end up at Taqueria somehow, but I'm not complaining! The tacos here are the bomb, and their queso might be the best in Nashville! I highly recommend the brisket taco, and it's less than $3!

#3 SATCo
SATCo is great for when you're craving tacos, day or night! This late-night joint has awesome queso and the best fajita chicken tacos! You get to choose whatever goes on yours, and I always get fajita chicken, grilled onions and peppers and guac! It's super cheap and has a really cool atmosphere, right downtown next to Vanderbilt University.

#4 Sushi Train
Guys- I know some of you may judge me for loving this restaurant so much, but $10 for unlimited sushi?! Come on!! This place is not the ~nicest~, but it has great sushi and it's perfect for when you're craving it but don't want to pay a ton for only a small amount! My favorite is their deep fried roll and the unlimited sugary donuts!

#5 Edley's BBQ
Edley's is probably my favorite barbecue joint here in town! Their pulled pork plate always hits the spot, and I love their potato salad and banana pudding! You can't go wrong with any of their sides, I don't even think I could pick a favorite.  Their 12 South location has awesome outdoor seating and a really cool atmosphere.  They even do Trivia on Monday nights!

#6 McDougal's
McDougal's is for all you fried chicken people! They have the best chicken fingers in town, and their sauces are even better! I like to get the Honey Bee sauce, it's tangy and spicy and everything you need in a dipping sauce.  They also give super big portions, so my roomie and I can split a meal, which we love! They also give you free ice cream....#blessed.

#7 Crema
I know Crema isn't necessarily a "restaurant" at first thought because they're known for coffee, but Y'ALL, their avocado toast makes this place one of my favorite restaurants anyways! It has goat cheese, avocados, sprouts, and red chili flakes on top! And the Cuban drink is my favorite coffee anywhere! Definitely a must for a coffee run or breakfast date!

#8 Baja Burrito
Are you tired of taco places yet? No? Good! Because I LOVE tacos! Lol.  Baja Burrito is like the classic tex-mex joint here in town.  My family loved Baja before I even lived here, so I knew when I moved here for college, I was bound to get addicted.  Here I am, four years later, still in love with it! I like to get a chicken burrito bowl with allllll the toppings.  Their tomatillo salsa is also great! You'll have to go soon, but beware- it's literally crowded every time of day.  It's that good!

#9 Chuy's
Okay, LAST Mexican restaurant, I promise! Chuy's may be a chain, but I will never stop obsessing over their Creamy Jalepeno Ranch and Free Queso Happy Hour! Yeah, you read that queso during happy hour.  It's everyone's dream come true.  Go! Right now! 

#10 Butchertown Hall
Last, but definitely not least on my list of favorite restaurants is Butchertown Hall! Head over to Germantown for the BEST homemade sodas and the coolest atmosphere. I like to get their chicken tacos (ugh, I know, more tacos, but keep reading) and last time I went, I got the smoked turkey platter and loved it! They are known for their awesome steaks and burgers, but I think literally everything on the menu is great! They also have the best brussel sprouts I've ever had- they're tangy and crunchy and perfect.  I can't get enough!

Thanks for reading all about my favorite places to eat in Nashville! If you end up trying any of these, let me know! I can't wait to hear what you think!


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