Let's Catch Up!

Happy Wednesday! It's a bit chilly and cloudy here in Nashville today, but I'm having some girls over from church tonight and that makes up for any dreary weather! We're gonna eat tacos and have the best time.  I'm so excited!

Instead of my typical "monthly faves" blogs, I think I'm gonna switch it up a bit and just do a "current update on my life" kinda blog.  I do love sharing my monthly favorites, but this time, I want to just keep things casual and talk about where I'm at and what I'm doing.

Since my January Faves, I've been loving all kinds of products.  One in particular, is my e.l.f moisturizing serum and moisturizer.  Now, in the past, I've completely written off any e.l.f. product as being a piece of junk, but their new skincare line has seriously stepped up their game! I absolutely love the serum and moisturizer, and I will probably continue using them for a long time.  They're very inexpensive, both being under $15, and my face stays perfectly hydrated all day.  I have combination skin, and these two products do a great job of balancing out my dry spots and oily spots.

I've also been really into watching The Office recently. It took me FOREVER to get into it, y'all. I struggled so hard to actually like it, but now I'm hooked! I'm almost through Season 5, and I'm obsessed with Jim and Pam. As far as other TV shows, I'm desperately waiting for Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder to come back on!

SIDE NOTE: Can we talk about the Bachelor Finale?! Let me just say this- I was team Becca ALL. THE. WAY. and I was so excited when Arie picked her. So you can imagine my utter disappointment when Arie decided to pull a lil switcharoo and go back to Lauren.  What are your thoughts? I'm equally as disappointed in Arie as I am with Lauren, I think! Would you have gone back to him?

Moving along-- more updates! I'm currently in the works on *THREE* different product reviews for you guys. Since signing up with The Newsette, I've had the best time working with them and getting involved with new brands! If you want to join me (totally free), you can sign up via this link!

As for what I'm listening to these days, I've found four really cool new songs that I've honestly just been playing on repeat! Do any of y'all do that? Find a song you like and listen to only that one until you hate it? Yeah, me too. These four songs range from "dancing in the car" to "crying in the rain" kinds of emotions, but let me tell ya- they're all SO good and soooo fun to listen to. Check them out! 


Currently, I'm shopping for some new Spring transition pieces that will make the new warmer weather even more fun. I'm loving the white jeans and pastel sweater trends! I really want to find some good *light* jackets to throw on over a basic tee or tank top.  Any good suggestions?

I haven't tried any new recipes lately, but I HAVE tried a couple new restaurants! The Pub down in the Gulch had some great appetizers ($5 during happy hour!) and Cafe Roze the cutest lil cafe I've ever seen. I definitely want to go back and try their food, I just got a drink last time! Also ~very random~ tried brunch at Top Golf and had the best french toast of my life! Definitely try it if you get a chance! I really liked their whole brunch menu. They even had good coffee!

To wrap things up, I can't wait to show you guys some of the things I've been working on! I've been shooting with new photographers here and there, so be on the lookout for some fun shoots coming up! Very very excited about new content and where my blog is headed. I will have been blogging for a year in September! I can't believe it- I'm already 6 months in! Thanks to everyone who continues to read and support LBintheCity. This has been the most fun, and I'm super excited to continue!

Until next time!


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