Life Update: How I've Been

Happy Tuesday, friends! It's been a while. It feels like I've been gone for months!
It sure does feel good to be back, though.

In the middle of March, I decided I wanted to take a break from blogging and spend some time reflecting on the goals I want to set for myself.  Blogging still feels so new to me, even after eight months! I want to make sure I'm doing this in a way that stays true to who I am and the message I want to send with each blog post. That calls for some self reflection, right?

Let's get real: at first, I felt guilty. I felt guilty for taking a break without telling you guys, or at least giving some kind of explanation of where I was going or why I was stopping.  After I felt guilty, I felt incapable of coming back.  Y'all know that comparison is R E A L, and this past month or so, it hit me like a ton of bricks. But I realized-

Since when does comparing myself to other bloggers change anything about my own blog? 

It doesn't.

I was so stuck in the comparison mindset, that I forgot about my own blog- where I get to choose what I post, what I share, and when I share it.  I have so much freedom here, and I needed to not just remember that, but to believe it.

So here we are, back in business.

Do I know exactly where I want to take this blog? Not particularly.
But am I going to enjoy seeing where it goes? Absolutely.

And I'm so excited to have you guys on that journey with me.

So here's to a new season - one of growth, vulnerability, excitement, and discovery. This all seems kinda serious for a tiny lil lifestyle blog, but I truly feel more excited now than I have in a long time. And I love that I get to pour myself into something as simple and creative as this. So, here we go!!

peace n blessings,



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