Summer Bucket List

Happppy Wednesday, friends! We're halfway through the week, which means we're that much closer to a long weekend! I'd give anything to drive down to the beach for a couple days. Guess I'll have to wait a little longer for my trip coming up next month! :)

A couple weeks ago, my girl, Jess Long, posted a lil "summer bucket list" on Instagram, and she totally inspired me to write this post!  I work full-time, but I'm not about to let that keep me from checking a few things off my list! I had so much fun coming up with ideas.

Keep reading to see what I'm excited to do this summer!

*Read a book I've never heard of

*Roadtrip to a waterfall one weekend and go hiking

*Sit on my front porch and watch the sunset with my roomies

*Go to the Nashville Zoo (my fave!)

*Try 3 new restaurants within walking distance of our new house

*Perfect my veggie roasting skills

*Get better at doing my daily devotional

*Make popsicles from scratch

*Find the perfect pair of denim shorts

*Eat watermelon by the pool

*Finish decorating my new bedroom

*Wake up super early to watch the sunrise (we'll see about this one tbh)

*Meet our new neighbors

*Go to Six Flags over Georgia

*Float in one of those unicorn pool floats (lol)

*Throw a dinner party with all our friends

And there you have it! I know it's not a crazy list, but I'm excited to start crossing things off!
Tell me what's on your list!


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