Instagram Round Up

Hump DAYYYYY. Don't hate me for typing that, ok. I'm too excited that it's Wednesday! 

I love Wednesdays for many reasons- the first being that we're halfway done with the week! The other being that I get to see a ton of my favorite people later tonight. I serve at Cross Point College ministry every Wednesday, and it's become such a highlight of my week! We've been out all summer and this is our first night getting together before students start back! I'm pumped.

The last few weeks have been a lil crazy, and I've been posting all kinds of outfits on Instagram. Today's post is a whoollleee round up of what I've been wearing (aka the same white tshirt over and over again).  I'll include direct links for errthang, and include some cheaper look-alikes if I can find them! You know I love a good look-alike.

Keep scrolling and happy shopping!

Jeans (on sale for $15!!) | White Tee | Cardigan | Shoes

Leggings | White Tee (less than $10 holla) | Shoes 

Similar White Blouse (on sale for less than $10!)


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