Goodbye Coffee Stains!

Hello again, friends! I've been working on this campaign for the last few weeks now, and I'm so excited to share with you! Last month, I got the opportunity to test out the Smile Brilliant Custom Whitening TraysIf you don't know, I've gone through my fair share of dental work over the last few years and whitening my teeth has been a bit of a struggle for me! When Smile Brilliant reached out for this campaign, I was SO excited.

Throwback to good ole Freshman year of high school-- I took a pretty bad fall in gym class and broke my front tooth pretty much in half. It was embarrassing, to say the least. BUT, all is well, and your girl now has a perfectly new tooth (insert laughing emoji here). However, up until that point, I had always been SUPER insecure about the color of my teeth. They'd been slightly yellow my whole life, and whitening my teeth just wasn't an option after getting my front tooth replaced (because it wouldn't whiten like the rest of my teeth). So my Freshman year of college, I finally got a whitening system from the dentist ($$$$) and decided to give it a shot. 

As you could expect, the whitening worked great for all of my teeth except the one. After a few months of ~awkward~, I FINALLY went to the dentist and got a brand new, pearly white, replacement tooth and my smile was white again! Hooray!

Fast forward to 2018: of course my smile had begun to change again! With the amount of coffee this girl drinks, there was bound to be some discoloration. The tricky part about that is- that one darn tooth. While the rest of my teeth were naturally yellowing again over time, the one tooth stayed bright white. So, Smile Brilliant showed up (perfect timing!) and I knew I was ready to try it out!

First, Smile Brilliant will send you a box of all the supplies you need. What I loved most about this kit was how easy it was to read and follow the instructions! I was able to mix the two pastes (the catalyst and the base) and make my custom molds in no time. The next day, I had shipped my molds off and the next week, I had my custom whitening trays right back in my mailbox!  

You'll get two kinds of syringes - one is the whitening gel, and the other is a desensitizing gel *praise* so you experience as little irritation and sensitivity as possible! I have been super lucky, and haven't experienced any discomfort at all.

They recommend starting out with whitening for around 45 minutes to an hour at first, and then working your way up to around three hours at a time! Personally, I really only have time to whiten for around an hour each time- either because I'm just ready to go to sleep, or I get home too late and don't have time to stay up and let them sit for over an hour.

That was the one thing I had to figure out, as far as scheduling my whitening time. You're not supposed to eat or drink anything after whitening, so it makes the most sense to do it right before bed! One thing I would recommend would be to make sure you're saving time at night to do your whitening. I am still working on that!

These results took place over one month. My main goal was to get rid of the yellow around the top of my teeth, as well as even out the overall brightness of my teeth. I am totally happy with my results! Although my before and after pictures show different lighting, you can clearly see a difference. Even just this weekend at dinner, someone said they could see a difference in my teeth! I would call that a win.

Thanks to Smile Brilliant and these ~wonderful~ whitening trays, my smile has turned brighter in literally just 4 weeks. I feel totally at east drinking my morning coffee or eating foods that I know could possibly stain my teeth. With Smile Brilliant, I can whiten whenever I want, and that gives me so much more confidence! Not only does this product show awesome results, but you don't have to break the bank for this kit. These kits are a third of what we paid at the dentist a few years ago!

If you'd like to win your own Whitening Kit, Smile Brilliant is hosting an awesome giveaway !!!! and you can enter by following this link. This is a $149 value, so you definitely won't want to pass this up. Regardless, I truly do love my Smile Brilliant whitening kit and recommend anyone who's been putting it off to take this chance and order your own! You can use my code [LBINTHECITY15] for 15% off storewide!

Make sure to share your before and after pics so we can #smilefearlessly together!

Until next time,


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