Weekend Getaway - Chattanooga Details!

Happy Monday, everyone! I can't believe we're almost two weeks away from Christmas. Guess who hasn't finished her shopping yet? THIS GIRL. Yeah, I know. Shake your heads, I get it. BUT, I've been too busy to shop, because I spent the weekend in cute lil Chattanooga with all my bestie girls!

We decided to do a weekend getaway for Friendsmas this year. Last minute, I booked us an AirBnB and we packed up and headed to the mountains. The drive in was A LOT of windy roads, heavy fog and allll the throwback jams. We grabbed Chick-Fil-A for dinner (duh) and then headed to Lookout Mountain for the perfect girls' trip. 

I didn't take very many pictures of the AirBnB, but it was the coziest little apartment on the top of Lookout Mountain. We had a BIT of a struggle finding it, it's tucked away just enough to make it almost impossible to find in the dark! (face palm) Here's a link, in case you want to rent it for your own mountain getaway!

Once we got there late Friday night, we were so excited to see a Christmas tree and a stack of board games! We all got in our PJ's and sat around talking until almost 2am. Those are my most favorite nights.

Saturday morning, we slept in and drank coffee together while listening to the rain. It rained the ~entire~ time we were there, but that didn't stop us from venturing down the mountain for some brunch! 

You all, I'm not exaggerating when I say we had the BEST brunch we've ever had. Thanks, Olivia, for recommending the Daily Ration. We absolutely loved it! Most of us got the chicken and grits.....let's just say we were talking about it for the rest of the weekend. The mimosas were delicious too! Kelly got a classic one, Katelyn got a pineapple, and I tried the grapefruit. And they're only $3!

Next, we headed to Warehouse Row to look around and window shop. The Anthropologie is absolutely gorgeous there. We walked around and dreamt about owning one of everything ($$$) and made sure to smell every candle before we left! After that, we decided it was time for an afternoon pick-me-up, so we went straight to Rembrandt Coffee to warm up and sit for a while.

We ended up sitting in Rembrandt for a looonnnng time! All six of us crowded around a tiny table in the corner, sipping our coffees and talking about the year we've experienced. We shared our accomplishments, things we were proud of ourselves for, and what we're excited to experience next year. These girls are my heart and soul - I love celebrating each other and the goals we're reaching.

We decided to come back to the house and relax for a little bit before venturing back out for dinner. It was still freezing and rainy, so we immediately put on our Christmas PJ's and watched Elf! It was the perfect chill afternoon. 

Saturday night, we headed back down the mountain to Mojo Burrito and had the bessstttt tacos and enchiladas. Thanks, Ali, for recommending it! It was super good and super cheap! A win win! I wish you guys could have seen us trying to drive down those windy roads in the fog- I've never experienced anything like it. We made it back in one piece, though **PRAISE!**

The rest of our night consisted of board games, wine, and alllll kinds of goofing off. We played endless rounds of Apples to Apples, and Anna and I ended up having to do a tie-breaker round. She won with 13 cards, if that gives you any indication of how long we played!!

Sunday morning, we slept in super late and then woke up to pack and check out of the AirBnB. We loaded up the cars (in the rain) and headed to the CUTEST Starbucks I've ever seen. The tiny town on the side of Lookout Mountain is an actual story book. There are street names like "Cinderella Trail" and "Tinker Bell Lane" and everything is made of wood and cobblestone, even the street signs!

We loaded up on grande coffees and yummy breakfast sandwiches before hitting the road back to Nashville. It was the perfect weekend to celebrate the sweetest friendships. 

If you're ever questioning whether or not to take a girls' trip, I'm here to tell you to stop what you're doing and book it! Don't wait any long! It was SO nice to get away from home for just a little while. Spending time together and laughing our heads off was the perfect way to spend our Friendsmas before everyone starts heading out of town for the holidays. 

Thanks for reading all about our lil getaway!
Until next time,


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