48 Hours in Boston!

Happy Sunday, friends! Is this not the cutest wall?! We stumbled upon it while in BOSTON this weekend, and I couldn't not take a picture. Y'all know those tourists who take pictures of everything and every building they pass? That was me this weekend, and I felt no shame.

Kelly Tinsley is my oldest and dearest friend, and we decided TWO weeks ago to book a spontaneous trip to her favorite city! Her brother, sister-in-law and cousin live up there, so we were so excited to stay with them and spend a couple days in the city.

Here's a ~very long~ recap of our 48 hours, so grab a snack, here we go!

Our flights landed at 1:30am Friday morning, so we were superrrrr sleepy, but SO excited to finally be there together! Kelly's brother, Robbie, and his wife Katherine, live about 15 min outside of town, so they graciously opened up their home for us to stay for a couple days! I'm so grateful we got to stay with them. By the time we got there, Kelly and I were both so giggly that we ended up falling asleep around 3am, but woke up bright and early a few hours later to head to one of Kelly's favorites- Bagelsaurus

Y'ALL. When I say these were unlike any bagel I've ever had, I'm nottttt even exaggerating. They boil their bagels (?) and they get super crispy on the outside. They don't even toast them! See those little bumps all over it? It was the weirdest, crispiest, texture and I loved it way too much. My bagel had almond butter, bananas and honey on it. SO good! I got a black coffee to go with it, and it was the perfect breakfast to fuel me up for a big day ahead. 

You're gonna think I'm crazy, but I actually loved riding the train around town! It was just like what I've seen on TV (I know, I know, I sound so lame) but this southern gal thought it was really exciting!

After bagels, we headed to Tatte Bakery for a treat before starting our shopping. Kelly, and her cousin, Sara, got coffees, but I got a mint lemonade. OH dear goodness, was that the right choice! It was so refreshing, and was super nice to have with me while we were shopping. We mayyyy or may not have stayed in Primark for over 2 hours!

Primark is an AMAZING store - it's like if H&M and TJ Maxx had a baby, lowered the prices and upped the quality. Yeah. Can you hear the angels singing yet? I'll be sure to do a Primark haul on my Instagram stories this week, we got so many things!

After Primark, we headed back to Sara's cute little apartment to rest for a bit before dinner that night. We charged our phones, changed into some dressier clothes, and headed to meet Robbie and Katherine from some drinks!

First stop: Yvonne's

This place was soooooooo cool. It had a dark speakeasy vibe that made you feel posh the moment you walked in. Kelly and I ordered the Rose Thorn and split a chicken souvlaki flatbread (we hadn't eaten since bagels that morning!) Everything was delicious, and we were feeling excited for the rest of the night! Our next stop would be dinner on the North End at Panza!

We had the besssttt Burrata to start, with muscles in white wine sauce not far behind. Katherine and I split the clam linguini and it did not disappoint. Everything felt super authentic! The Italian chef singing in the kitchen was the perfect touch to make this place feel like I was almost in Italy.

After dinner, we headed home to put on our pajamas and watch a movie - the perfect end to our day.


We slept in a tiny bit on Saturday morning, and got ready for brunch at Stephanie's down on Newbury St. This place had the coolest vibe, and their food was equally as fun. I got their Carnita Scramble - eggs, cheese, fried potatoes, bacon, guacamole, cilantro and pulled pork (hallelujah). It was the perffffect start to my morning, and I was actually full until dinner!

After brunch, we headed to the "Pru" which is a fancy schmancy mall (it reminds me of Green Hills, tbh). We did a little shopping, and ended up at this place called Eataly, a never-ending Italian market/cafe/heaven on Earth. We sipped on wine and walked around, oohing and awing over the cheese, meat, and pasta they had. The place was packed, but we wove our way through every aisle. I loved it! 


Once we'd seen just about every kind of noodle known to man, we drove around for a bit trying to find a fun rooftop to take pictures on. It just so happened that Katherine's friend, Madison, lived in Seaport, and her building had a rooftop access! She was the sweetest, and let us go right up. 

It was freeezing, so we snapped a couple quick shots and headed back inside!

By now, we were all getting a little hangry, so off to dinner we went! Our original plan to was to do dinner + bowling, but it was so crowded, we ended up just doing dinner instead!

Our dinner spot was called Flatbreads. We had the hardest time choosing which kind we wanted, so we got four! 

These were absolutely delicious, and we ate WAY more than we thought we could. With full bellies, we headed home to play cards and hang out for a bit before Kelly and I started packing up our things for an early flight! 

I loved having zero agenda, and just spending time with Kelly and her fam! It was so nice chilling out at home after a day full of excitement. 

Our 7am flight came way too early the next morning. Remind me never to book an early flight during daylight savings ever again (face palm!) We made it to the airport half awake, sipped our coffees and looked through all the picture we'd taken over the last two days, giggling about all the silly moments.
If you're thinking about doing a weekend trip to Boston, I hope you pull the trigger and go for it - especially if you're bringing along your best girlfriends! I absolutely loved it.

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for tagging along on my Boston adventure!

Until next time,


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