A Weekend in NYC!

Hi friends! Today I'm taking you through my recent trip to New York! My sweet roomie and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend (and her birthday!) and attempt to take on the big city...let's just say we are trying to go back as soon as possible!  

This one's gonna be a long one, so grab a snack, sit back and enjoy. I've included links to everywhere we went and everything we did - and we highly recommend all of it!

Okay - here we go!

We landed in New York at 9:45 on Saturday morning (hi early wake-up call, how are ya?) and we headed straight to our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel 50 Bowery in the Lower East Side - and got a great deal with our Hopper app! If you're traveling ANYWHERE, I highly recommend using Hopper to book your flights and hotel! It saved us soooo much $$.  Our hotel was great, and held our bags for us until it was time for us to check in, for no charge!

Once we dropped off our bags, we mapped out Sara Beth's and headed to Tribeca for some brunch. It was about a 20 minute walk, but soooo worth it. Half an hour later we had hot coffee and almond-crusted french toast, making us two very happy ladies. The atmosphere and the food were the best!

After we had fueled up on all the coffee refills and crunchy bacon, we headed to Chelsea Market. This was probably one of the highlights of my trip - we loved it so much, we went back on Monday for more!

Chelsea Market reminded me of a bigger Ponce City Market. Imagine tonnnnns of food vendors, boutiques, and art exhibits but with a really cool NY vibe. There was even a designer off-the-rack sale (where I tried on a $10,000 jacket nbd) which was so fun! We walked through and did some window shopping, and then headed to the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Roasting Co. for a hot tea before going to check in to the hotel.

Once we got back to the hotel, we realized how EXHAUSTED we were (had been awake since 4am) so we took a power nap and rested for a minute. Once dinner time rolled around, we were so hungry, so we decided to check out China Town and get our hands on some Thai food!

If you guys know me, you know how I feel about Thai food...I eat it once or twice a week! So when we saw the amazing reviews on Yelp for WokWok, we grabbed our coats and made our way over. It was only about two blocks from our hotel which was nice because it was SO cold! I got the Pad See Ew with chicken....am I still thinking about it a week later? Absolutely.

After dinner, we decided to check out our hotel's rooftop bar and get some birthday drinks as a final celebration of Kelly's 24th. We both got a glass of red wine and then explored for a little bit! We loved the views from the patio and all the moody vibes inside. 

Day two started off on a realllllly high note - we woke up and got ready in our cozy robes (they were waiting for us in our closet! so nice!) and then walked through SoHo to breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda. Their Mediterranean inspired menu gave us lots of options, and we both went with the classic Mediterranean breakfast! Fried eggs our way, Greek salad, freshly toasted pita, avocado, labne (greek yogurt?) and feta! The most unconventional breakfast I think I've ever had, but WOW was it good.

After breakfast, we decided to venture out to Brooklyn to see the bridge! On our way to the subway, we passed by the CUTEST pink restaurant (Pietra Nolita, for any of you who want to find it!) and could not resist the photo op. 

Speaking of the subway, a friend of mine recommended the City Mapper app, and I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH! It made navigating the subway SO easy. We ended up getting a 7-day pass because it made getting places so much easier, and with our City Mapper app, we probably cut our travel times in half!

Brooklyn was super fun- we went to Dumbo for the perfect view of the bridge. The cobblestone streets and fancy storefronts made it such a fun area to explore! We rounded a corner looking for a spot to window shop and found the coolest waterfront area. The best surprise!

After Brooklyn, we headed back into the city to check out Central Park, The Met, and find some classic New York pizza somewhere in the middle. 

We saw Famous Famiglia had great reviews on Yelp, and there was a location super close to us, so we grabbed a slice of margherita and pepperoni (plus some garlic knots because obviously) and finally experienced the classic New York pizza slice. Lives were changed, people. Lives were changed.

After lunch, we walked to NBC studios, Radio City Music Hall and Magnolia Bakery (best banana pudding) for a little more sight-seeing before making our way back to the hotel for a rest! 

After a much needed power nap, we glammed it up a bit and made our way to Times Square for some Italian food and photo taking :)

Trattoria Trecolori was about a block from the center of Times Square and it did NOT disappoint on the pasta. We both got a glass of cab sav and the Penne Primavera (I got mine with linguine instead of penne!) and it was SO BOMB. We walked right in and sat at the bar! The best experience!

Times Square was literally CRAZY, so after our pics, we were ready to head off to the Public Hotel for a night cap! While waiting in line to head up to their rooftop, we met two of the sweetest girls, Emily and Mod, and ended up chatting over drinks for the next two hours! They were so nice and we had the greatest time talking about alllll the things! Kelly and I both went to bed so happy that night. 

Day three found us EXTREMELY exhausted and sore, but we were determined to make a great final day out of it. We headed to Best Bagel & Coffee for breakfast and fell in LOVE with their bagels. The line was out the door and down the street, but worth! every! minute! I devoured mine so quickly I didn't even get a picture to show you guys!

Next stop was the F.R.I.E.N.D.S apartment building in Greenwich Village! One our way there, we just so *happened* to stumble upon Cornelia St. and fell in loooove with the whole neighborhood. No wonder Taylor Swift loved it so much! We totally get it now!

We found the cutest little tea shop and walked around Greenwich Village with warm hearts and happy souls. It's such a quaint and quiet part of New York, we absolutely loved it! 

Next stop was back to Chelsea for a quick drink and some lunch before heading to the airport! We decided on beers at The Standard's Rink and people watched for a long time before heading into Chelsea Market for some ramen! Very Fresh Noodles caught our eye on the first day we were there, literally evvveryone was eating it. So we decided to try our luck and it was delicious! We sat at the bar and watched them hand-making the noodles through the glass. So fun!

With full bellies and sleepy bodies, we made our way back to the airport to head home to Nash. New York was wiiiiild, and I don't know if I could ever live there, but WOW was it fun for a weekend. We lived our best lives and checked every single thing off our NYC bucket list! I hope this blog has given you a ton of inspiration for your next trip - and if you want a travel buddy.. you know where to find me!

Until next time,


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